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Call for Speakers is Open

Mobile Camp LA 2014 delivers quality sessions offering fresh technical insights into the key areas of mobile app, web, and emerging technologies. We are seeking submissions from community and leading industry expert speakers whose knowledge and vision will inspire and educate Mobile Camp LA conference attendees.

The Call for Speakers form will need to be completed in one sitting. You will need to submit one topics and will be asked to complete the following steps:
Choose a topic

  • Enter a concise objective detailing the specific subject best suited to the speaker.
  • Provide information about prior speaking engagements.
  • Submit your name of the proposed speaker.
  • In addition to the categories provided, ‘Propose a Topic’ invites submissions for unique session ideas in a topic area not already covered in the form.
Call for Speakers Guidelines:
    • There is no minimum level of title or qualifications for speakers, although the majority of accepted speakers tend to be senior-level professionals.
    • Once you have submitted a proposal via the Call for Speakers, you will receive a confirmation email.
    • Keynote and SuperSession speaking opportunities are by invitation only.



What we are looking for when we review the submissions:

•Is the presenter someone who can credibly address the subject in-depth?

•Will attendees receive information by attending the session that would be unique, fresh, germane to their interests and challenges, and could not be located easily in some other fashion.

•Does it sound like it is actually a useful vision or best practices versus a vendor pitch?

•Real-world case studies.

•Actionable sessions that dive into a specific and common pain point.

•Relevancy. Does the talk answer a question the market is struggling with?

•Real world. Does the talk show that people are really doing this, or is it just in-theory?



  • Trending technologies: Current and future technologies such as Augmented Reality, NoSQL, Node JS, Wearable Tech, Digital Health.
  • Mobile: Products and services, mobile app monetization, mobile health, mobile gaming, mobile commerce, cross platform mobile app development.
  • Internet of Things: Comprising a wide range of devices and services such as sensors, smart appliances.
  • Privacy / Security: Sharing of information, vulnerabilities of the web or browser, and its impact on the future of consumer technology.
  • Propose a Topic: Adding a topic to the Mobile Camp conference experience are welcome. Provide us with your topic name, objectives to covered and other pertinent information about the subject and speaker.

submit your papers to: papers[a]